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Testimonials: Testimonials

Marc Lobliner CEO of
MTS Nutrition
Outright Bar
and Professional Bodybuilder

"It's actually pretty damn cool"
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Brandon from Houston

My powerlifting days are behind me, and I focus more on higher rep training these days. Without the StandStrong, my squat maxes out at 285x5. With the StandStrong I can EASILY hit 315x5. Thats right, 30 extra lbs, and it feels much easier.  I think that has to do a lot with the confidence the StandStrong instills in me.  It feels like I have a spotter behind me at all times which gives me a mental edge!

Evan from Pittsburgh

Let me preface by saying that I am not a competition lifter, nor am I training to be. But I do train with and around competition lifters. I’m 28, a former collegiate level athlete, and weigh 205 lbs. 

Since I’ve started using the StandStrong I began to notice immediate gains in both my front squat and back squat performance. 

After just 4 weeks of progressively overloading using the StandStrong here were the results.

Front Squat went from 225 x 1 to:

255 x 1 (with the SS) and then

225 x 4 (without standstrong)

245 x 2 (without standstrong)

Back squat went from 315 x 1 to:

345 x 1 (with the SS) and then

315 x 2 (without standstrong)

335 x 1  (without standstrong)

Synopsis:  I notice a better feel in form when wearing the stand strong in both front and back squat position. Which has directly translated to my form in both when I’m not wearing it. I’ve always struggled with the weight at the bottom of the rep, like most people I suppose. The stand strong if anything has helped me overcome the fear of sinking low with more weight. It feels like I’ve always got a spotter behind me. Which for me just knowing someone/something is there spotting me has always helped me push my limits. I’ve also noticed that when using the stand strong I tend to focus more on using my quads. This has really helped with the “knee cave” at the bottom of my rep.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results I’ve seen with this product! I am a taller guy (6’3), so squatting hasn’t necessarily been my power move. With the standstrong I feel more comfortable reaching for those PR’s, and get excited going for a new personal record on leg day! I highly recommend this product to any non competition lifter looking to focus on form to increase weight, as well as any competition weight lifter looking to get over those plateau’s. 

Zac from Erie

Before the StandStrong I began Jim Wedler’s 5-3-1 Program and PR’d at 405 back squat raw. A few months ago I also hit a 345 front squat around the same time. After Dom suggested I try the StandStrong I hit 405x2 last week and 345x2 on the front squat, so now I’m able to readjust my programming to those new maxes! Now I’m able to increase the loads to the 1 Rep Max that I hit with both lifts and during my training sessions I can build a better base as I work weekly through that programming. Without the StandStrong I wouldn’t have felt nearly as confident under the bar with those heavier loads.

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